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If you purchased a HIV at home testing kit from OraQuick.com, your privacy could have been breached and you may be eligible for compensation in the OraQuick claim.

If you purchased a HIV at home testing kit from OraQuick.com, your privacy could have been breached and you may be eligible for compensation in the OraQuick claim.

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What is OraQuick?​

OraQuick is an FDA approved in-home HIV test that markets itself as offering private, fast, and reliable results.

Branded as the ‘first and only HIV test that delivers your results with all the comforts and privacy of home,’ OraQuick prides itself on offering people a professional standard test that is discreet and confidential.

OraQuick is manufactured and sold by OraSure Technologies, Inc. (OraSure).

What is the OraQuick LAWSUIT about?

Despite repeatedly assuring consumers that their data and the purchase of at home testing kits would be kept confidential, OraSure utilized a secretly embedded tracking cookie on their website to send personal information from the OraQuick website to Facebook/Meta.

OraSure and Meta earn profits from this data and use it in multiple ways including to enhance advertising.

In OraSure’s privacy policy, they outline how they “value your personal data and only share this valuable data within our affiliated companies. The data will not be shared with third parties without your written consent,” however we believe this to be incorrect and misleading.

If you purchased an in-home HIV testing kit from OraQuick.com and you have a Facebook account, you could be eligible for significant compensation in the OraQuick lawsuit.

Who has a case in THE ORAQUICK CLAIM?

Any US residents who made a purchase of OraQuick and have a Facebook account potentially had their privacy affected and may be able to join the OraQuick claim.

Your data may have been improperly shared by OraSure with Meta in direct violation of the law and you could be eligible for compensation.

Our team working on the OraQuick lawsuit can assess your claim quickly and discreetly. Get in touch today. 

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Why choose Pogust Goodhead?

Pogust Goodhead is an international law firm with extensive experience in cases similar to this. Our focus is in large scale mass and group litigation against companies and organizations that mistreat, mislead, or injure people.

Our consumer and data privacy team have successfully handled claims arising out of consumer privacy claims, data breaches and fraud claims – obtaining millions of dollars for affected consumers.

Pogust Goodhead is presently active as lead counsel in mass tort and class action lawsuits against large multinational corporations in both the United States and United Kingdom, and proudly represent individuals around the world in injury and malfeasance cases.

If you or someone you know may have been affected by OraSure’s privacy breach, please get in touch with our team working on the OraQuick lawsuit today.

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At this stage of the litigation, we are still investigating the logistics of the claim, including how much each individual may receive. As the case progresses, we will keep in touch with further information surrounding this.

If your case is accepted, our attorneys will file a lawsuit quickly on your behalf to ensure we can move the claim forward as efficiently as possible. After the case has been filed, the timing is largely dependent on the schedule set by the court.

No. We are litigating this claim on a no-win, no-fee basis meaning you will not have to pay to join the action.

If you have a Facebook account and purchased an OraQuick In-Home HIV test kit from https://oraquick.com, you may be eligible to file suit. Please contact us today and we will review your information to confirm your eligibility